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Jan 20, 2013 10:00pm EST
access to the leadership of the country. she went to the vice president dan sheeran and use your offices to part and arthur and his mother is a very good, she says the execution would be worse than the crime and she couldn't contemplate arthur would be executed. .. >> how the world came to save haiti and left behind a disaster" i will read a little bit about it and talk about it and i hope that we have a good discussion. i will start by reading from chapter one, the end. >> per first i will drink some water. it is funny. this brand of water is in the book had i known that i would pick that section but these were delivered to haiti by u.s. military. it is called fiji water and it comes from fiji. that is not in the caribbean. and a lot of expense and effort it was a very beautiful project for photographers to take pictures of the gleaming palates of bottled water with the concept there was an incredible water and food crisis but it was reported haiti was of the verge of a famine following the earthquake. there were real problems, and certainly needed to be a response but it was a
Jan 20, 2013 8:45am EST
cavity. the new flickr books like the bluestone. i forget his first name. dan buettner and the blue suns. when people live live the longest? you put it in a book and sell millions. the number one rule, move naturally. don't become a weekend warrior. don't run marathons and triathlons. find a way to build normal motion into your everyday life. who's going to change work routines to dallas to go from an accountant to a lumberjack? that's not going to happen. they say well, you know, biked to work or walk to the store. one thing the book forgets to mention is that half of america you can't biked to work and you certainly can't walk to the store. because you live off a high rate the stories off of. it's fundamentally how we build communities in the long run. in the short run is where you choose to live and that's a choice you make. it's nowhere more obvious than any other big discussion, which is car crashes. car crashes are funny because on the one hand we naturalize it. would like is a part of living. one and 200 chance that i'll die in a car crash anyone up for that i'll be seriously
Jan 13, 2013 12:00pm EST
controversial episodes is a trip that howard made to north vietnam along with dan, very fans peace activist. he talked a little bit about how that came together and what happened? >> it was the result of another very well known peace activist at the time. call howard and said that fit the north vietnamese leaders had alerted he in the league in that they were willing to release three american pilots who had been captured but wanted to release them into the hands of peace initiatives, and not enter prison this from the u.s. hear the. and so hard was asked to go with them very in tune errors said, when. he said, tomorrow morning. he left the next morning. there was a little bit of conflict over how the pows were being released in regard to get back to the united states. >> it had been howards' understanding that the released pilots would come home fire commercial planes, and the u.s. government insisted on using government planes which outraged not only howard and dan, also the war resisters league and everyone who had been involved in that operation. >> and when he got back there wa
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
throughout most of my career. c-span: you write about dan rather's $36-million, 10-year contract? >> guest: yes. c-span: did all that get under you skin? >> guest: not really because by the time that rather was commanding that kind of salary, we had passed the million dollar mark and the star system was so much a part of the institution now that it was just more fun and games. people like myself -- we were line correspondents and we were the people you dropped in anywhere in the world and said, "get a story." that's what we did for a living we didn't read for a living. we didn't vent the news or act the news for a living or talk to other people on the set and interact. we went out and got stories. we wrote stories and we reported them, so we did something different for a living, i feel. c-span: let me ask you a question. i'll ask you and see if you have the answer. today, if there was a vietnam war and you were a correspondent over there or there was any correspondent over there, what would the salary be? >> guest: for a line correspondent? c-span: yes. >> guest: it's a little bi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4